7 Mill Rd, Box 716, Terrace Bay, ON P0T 2W0

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In Home Nursing Foot Care

Cassidy McLean RPN Foot Care Nurse
Terrace Bay
*Located in Terrace Bay but I am willing to travel to surrounding areas*
Available in Marathon- Terrace Bay- Schreiber- Rossport- Pays Plat

In Home Nursing Foot Care Services
o Full Foot Health Assessment
o Footwear Assessment and Advice on Proper Footwear Needs
o Trimming and Filing of Toenails
o Reduce Thickness of Problem Nails
o Fungal Nail Treatment
o Treatment of Immediate Concerns
o Management of Ingrown Toenails
o Callus, Wart, Corn Treatment
o Skin Care/ Moisturizing Foot Rub
o Health Teaching
o Referral to Physician/Foot Professional if needed

Phone or Email for more information or to book!