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Contact North/Contact Nord - Terrace Bay

Chantal Gingras, Site Coordinator
9 Selkirk Ave., Box 727, Terrace Bay, Ontario, P0T 2W0
Tel: 1-855-714-9160
Fax: 807-825-9316
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This Contact North office is a full access centre. The co-ordinator is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm or whenever training activity is taking place. The office is located in the Terrace Bay Public School.

Interested in an opportunity to study without leaving your community? Through a unique network of access centres, it is possible for you to access programs and courses from a host of accredited Northern Ontario colleges and universities. Using a combination of technologies, Contact North links you, the student, to the educational institution of your choice.
Vous désirez faire vos études postsecondaires au sein de votre communauté? Grâce à notre réseau unique de centres d'accès, toute une gamme de programmes et de cours vous sont offerts par les collèges et universités du Nord de l'Ontario. Au moyen de diverses technologies, Contact Nord vous relie à l'établissement d’enseignement de votre choix.

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